…and with a love like that

Social media is full of understandable expressions of ‘love’ for this amazing city of Liverpool, but what does it or do you mean by ‘love’ in this context?

Are you simply a consumer of Liverpool services, its shops, its unique pubs, its football, its theatres, its restaurants, its museums, and its superb music?

Do you proactively support the city of Liverpool? Encourage others to visit, insist on flying from JLA, only frequent independent pubs and shops, support local charities?

Do you express your love in verse, in song, in a blog, or on twitter?

Do you treat our streets, our parks, and our environment with respect?

Do you volunteer for one of our many local charities, do you show others around our great city, are you actively involved in community projects, do you vote?

Do you know your city, its history, and its cultural map? Do you explore its many parks, its historical buildings, its varied districts? Do you know about our Strategic Investment Framework?

Do you miss Liverpool when you are not here, do you long to get back? What would you sacrifice for Liverpool?

I am sure most would agree with love being a two-way relationship, giving and taking, falling out and making up, accepting faults. If love does involve showing your affection and/or devotion to each other how do you do this? Do you literally wear your heart on your sleeve with an ‘I Love Liverpool’ top, hat scarf badge? Do you shout about your love of Liverpool from the roof tops at every opportunity?

Perhaps you prefer to demonstrate your love of Liverpool in a very quiet personal way, but surely you can only really love a city if you actively engage with and immerse yourself in it? You have to give as well as take, and dare I say it be a good citizen of your city.

Love is not a passive emotion, so how does your love of Liverpool manifest itself? Are you doing your bit to make Liverpool an even greater city with an even greater future, or are you simply happy to shout ‘I Love Liverpool’?


About Liverpool1207

How can you not be fascinated by the history of Liverpool! "If Liverpool did not exist, it would have to be invented” - Felicien de Myrbach. liverpool1207blog.wordpress.com Liverpool UK #JFT96
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