I hope someone is keeping track…..

Boy is there a lot of coming and going around the Church St/Ranelagh/Bold St. junctions and just off. I guess this is the normal ebb and flow in a dynamic city centre such as Liverpool but you do hope someone is keeping an eye on the bigger picture.

We have closures and empty units in the once Waterstones and Argos opposite the boarded up Lyceum on Bold St. There is the row of early period shops just past Parker St to Ranelagh St. On Ranelagh St itself there will soon be an empty Millets (moving across the road), the old Santander on the corner of Cases St. the old Greenwoods, and other empty units on the opposite side of the road.

Of the other currently closed premises there are things in the pipeline. A small Morrison’s supermarket on the corner of Church/Ranelagh which will thankfully take that often changing hands ‘pound type shop’. We have the much welcomed redevelopment of the Clayton Square shopping complex including new units closing off the previous Church St entrance. Smokie Mo’s pub chain taking over the old Spice Spice Indian Restaurant on the corner of Ranelagh/Lime St (will they keep all their other pubs open?). There is of course the considerable and recently recommenced Lewis’s Building development which on paper looks mightily impressive with hotels, retail including a Lidl supermarket, and leisure components.

All this without mentioning the proposed long-term developments all around: Lime St, Mount Pleasant, and Brownlow Hill.

As I say let’s hope some wise souls are keeping an eye on the bigger picture and how all this fits together.


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How can you not be fascinated by the history of Liverpool! "If Liverpool did not exist, it would have to be invented” - Felicien de Myrbach. liverpool1207blog.wordpress.com Liverpool UK #JFT96
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