The Liverpool Porcupine – Revisited

The Liverpool Porcupine

A heads up to a new and developing project from the History Dept. at Liverpool University has been brought to my attention and is well worth a visit: THE LIVERPOOL PORCUPINE [REVISITED]

About the site:

 The purpose of this site is to introduce the Liverpool Porcupine to a 21st century audience.  Revisiting the journal will hopefully demonstrate that – whilst the worldview of our nineteenth century ancestors can often seem quaint, strange or unenlightened – there is rarely anything wholly new in the world of politics and public affairs and issues and dilemmas’ that concern us now are not so very different from many of the preoccupations of the Victorians as they struggled to adapt to rapid social, economic and technological developments.  Contexts change;  human nature and fundamental values arguably do not!

The Porcupine:

Rarely referenced now other than as a source of ‘local colour’, the Liverpool Porcupine remained in publication for some 55 years, one of the longest-surviving of the ‘comic periodicals’ to emerge in mid-19th century England.

 Launched in Liverpool in October 1860…….. read more


About Liverpool1207

How can you not be fascinated by the history of Liverpool! "If Liverpool did not exist, it would have to be invented” - Felicien de Myrbach. Liverpool UK #JFT96
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