The rapidly disappearing Liverpool

It is easy for some to label those who wish to preserve our built heritage as ‘heritage looneys’ or ‘stuck in the past’ etc. I am one of those who see the wisdom in retaining, were feasible, what we can. Not just for my generation but for those who follow us. Every time I walk past an old building I want to learn about it, and from learning about the building I learn about our heritage in all its wondrous forms.

If you take 2016 as an example, the following gallery will show you just how quickly our past can be lost. All the buildings pictured have already been demolished this year or are currently subject to planning applications……. and once they have gone they have gone. Lets be careful we are not discarding the past in the race for the future. Progress by all means but please make preservation at least a consideration……or better still look after and maintain them in the first place!

UPDATE at 13th April 2017: Apart from Clares/Bushell’s Building, demolition of which is now in progress, all these have now gone!

Please let me know if I have missed any buildings from the list.



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How can you not be fascinated by the history of Liverpool! "If Liverpool did not exist, it would have to be invented” - Felicien de Myrbach. Liverpool UK #JFT96
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One Response to The rapidly disappearing Liverpool

  1. So glad you put all these buildings together in one post. It was something I wanted to do myself, but was a bit daunted by the prospect and never got started!
    I always think the best argument against accusations of clinging to the past is that these buildings aren’t just a part of our past, they’re a part of our present too. We’re demolishing present-day buildings when really we should be keeping some of our most attractive and varied architecture. The very age of these buildings just increases the variety. If we replaced all our buildings with modern ones then, no matter how ‘good’ the architecture, the range on view would be much poorer, now and in the future, to the detriment of the quality of life in the city.
    Thanks again for keeping an eye on what’s going on!

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