A History of St. Andrew’s Scottish Presbyterian Church Rodney St., Liverpool – Ebook

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On the south perimeter wall, facing Maryland St, the modern graffiti poetically declares;

‘Happiness is a journey not a destination’

I don’t know the motivation of the writer but the phrase does somehow feel appropriate to the church it ‘adorns’.

St. Andrew’s has certainly been on a journey, and I have no doubt it has indeed brought much happiness over the past 192 years. That is not to say it has been a journey without turmoil, it certainly has, but 2017 and the church’s current re-incarnation housing students on the outset of adult life is perhaps a cause for happiness in itself.

As to the ‘destination’ I will leave it to those of a more theological persuasion to consider.

The history I have collated will hopefully give you a good feel of the history and legacy of St. Andrew’s and its congregation. I would like to acknowledge the very kind assistance provided by Dr John Henderson, formerly Clerk to the Congregational Board of St. Andrew’s during its later years worshipping at the Anglican Cathedral.

I hope you enjoy reading the book, and the many avenues it may lead you along. It would be nice to think that it will reach as many people as possible with connections to St. Andrew’s, or indeed the wider Scottish Liverpool community – please share widely and acknowledge source.

Get in touch if you have any personal stories or hidden gems you can add!



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