Parr St Mill – Fire Report

For those who have followed my many tweets about the 2016 Parr St mill fire here is a link to the Liverpool City Council Report:


5.0 Recommendation

It is recognised that the unauthorised demolition represent a 
criminal act, which the Council take seriously.
However, it is also recognised that there are practical 
difficulties with serving an Enforcement Notice requiring the 
warehouse to be re-built and that the parties involved in this 
case could present a reasonable defence to a prosecution.

Given the considerations above, it is concluded that a prosecution or the 
serving of any Notice, is unlikely to be successful. It is therefore concluded 
that it is not expedient to take any further formal action in this 
case. may query why it took the planning enforcement team one 
month to contact the developer to advise planning permission is 
needed and demolition must cease

Time-line of Events

12 February 2016 – Building Control application DEM/0012/16 validated, estimating date of commencement of demolition as 5 July 2016

24th June – fire occurs

26th June – Site inspected by XXXX structural engineer

27th June 2016 – email notification of commencement of demolition sent to LCC Building Control

instructions were given to Mees Demolition to undertake works

Access also given to the site to ADS ad XXXX (Civil & Structural Engineers) re to carry out structural reports

28th June 2016 – Report dated 28th June 2016 issued to Mees demolition

13th July 2016 – site inspection undertaken, ADS Structural Engineers

14th July 2016 – Mees aware demolition had begun

21st July 2016 – Complaints received July 2016 re demolition of building.

28th July 2016 – planning enforcement team contact developer to advise planning permission is needed and demolition must cease

29th July 2016 – developer email to WYG, architects, asking to advise contractors to cease demolition

23rd August 2016 – Cautioned Letters Sent to:

Falconer Chester Hall: WYG: Wolstenhome Square Developments Ltd

Mees Property Group – no response: Mainsway Ltd

17th March 2017: Council report finally made available


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