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How can you not be fascinated by the history of Liverpool! "If Liverpool did not exist, it would have to be invented” - Felicien de Myrbach. Liverpool UK #JFT96

A Hardman Street History 1816 – 2018

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St Philip’s Church, Hardman St, Liverpool. 1816……….2017

Was the Conservation Statement supporting demolition at best inaccurate? UPDATE: History now completed – Link Having survived for two hundred years entombed by surrounding buildings St Philip’s is no more. The bulldozers finally came calling. St Philip’s was one of … Continue reading

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Proposed redevelopment of William Smith warehouse, Norfolk St, Liverpool

Proposed Redevelopment of the William Smith Warehouse 61/63 Norfolk St The debate about Liverpool’s heritage never really abates, and with the continuing threat from UNESCO to withdraw our World Heritage Site status it has again been much in the news. … Continue reading

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Fruit Exchange, Victoria St

A building that comes from a key trade in Liverpool, a building sadly in disrepair: HISTORY: No.10-16 Victoria Street was built in c.1888 as a railway goods depot for the London & North Western Railway and was converted into a … Continue reading

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Main Street Mersey – 1955

1955: Main Street – Mersey Embark on a tour of #Liverpool with comic actor Deryck Guyler and his nephew — Liverpool1207 (@Liverpool1207) August 6, 2017 Embark on a tour of Liverpool with comic actor Deryck Guyler and his nephew, Keith, … Continue reading

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Parr St Mill – Fire Report

For those who have followed my many tweets about the 2016 Parr St mill fire here is a link to the Liverpool City Council Report: Extract: 5.0 Recommendation It is recognised that the unauthorised demolition represent a criminal act, which … Continue reading

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A History of St. Andrew’s Scottish Presbyterian Church Rodney St., Liverpool – Ebook

On the south perimeter wall, facing Maryland St, the modern graffiti poetically declares; ‘Happiness is a journey not a destination’ I don’t know the motivation of the writer but the phrase does somehow feel appropriate to the church it ‘adorns’. … Continue reading

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The rapidly disappearing Liverpool

It is easy for some to label those who wish to preserve our built heritage as ‘heritage looneys’ or ‘stuck in the past’ etc. I am one of those who see the wisdom in retaining, were feasible, what we can. Not just … Continue reading

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A History of St. Paul’s Church and Square, with Contemporary Cuttings

As I walk around Liverpool, which I do on an almost daily basis, the one question above all others I hear myself saying is along the lines of ‘What was there before?’. Sometimes the answer is easy and is within … Continue reading

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The Future for Dale Street?

Liverpool city centre is a busy, vibrant and welcoming success story, which through difficult times still manages to expand. It is however true that some streets fare less well than others, and one of these is one of our original … Continue reading

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