Friends of Williamson’s Tunnels

Friends of Williamson’s Tunnels:

Welcome to the fascinating world of the Williamson tunnels – a strange underground kingdom which has lain beneath the city of Liverpool in north-west England since the early 1800s.

Level 4, Paddington, Edge Hill

Interest in this mysterious architectural legacy is growing by the day. Friends of Williamson’s Tunnels, a registered charity dedicated to renovating and fostering awareness of the labyrinth, offers this web site as a resource for those who want to know more..

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Just a glimpse of what awaits ©ChrisIles

Here is a short film to show you the journey of a bucket, – which is one of over 200 regularly filled with spoil from Paddington, and which makes this journey a few times in a days digging!

Can you support the Tunnels?

Can you support the Tunnels?