Interesting Videos

  • The History of Liverpool

  • Silent film record of Liverpool in the 1930’s — Film 767

This one is superb, well worth a watch

  • Liverpool 1914 and The Liverpool PALS – amazing video

Liverpool 1914 – a bugler calls men to arms. Men march through the streets in uniform. The Dockers formed the nucleus of one of the battalions. “The Pals” are seen marching through the streets. A woman faints and is carried away. Kitchener inspects the Pals from the steps of Liverpool’s St George’s Hall….

  • ‘And The World Listened’ – 1965

Great colour documentary film about the life and music of Liverpool

And The World Listened 1965

  • Main Street Mersey 1955

Embark on a tour of Liverpool with comic actor Deryck Guyler and his nephew, Keith, who asks rather too many questions for his uncle’s liking. As well as the two-mile Mersey Tunnel, a pair of cathedrals and Calderstones Park, where “there’s always a pageant of colour and fragrance”, some of the city’s lesser-known charms are on show, not least the most elaborate wine dispenser ever, hidden in the Town Hall’s silverware collection.

  • More Great Liverpool Video Links – via spreadsheet

Click Here


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