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  1. The off-springs of which two rivers come together to form the River Mersey?
  2. What now stands on the site of ‘Everton Beacon’?
  3. Who is said to have completed the building of Liverpool Castle in 1235?
  4. Which family lived in the ‘old hall’ in what is now Old Hall St?
  5. Who won what for the third time in 1977?
  6. Can you name Liverpool’s original 7 streets?
  7. Who were the original tenants of Radiant House – Bold St in 1938?
  8. Where would you find the ‘Sanctuary Stone’?
  9. Who built Lydiate Hall c1470?
  10. Who bequeathed Liverpool’s first Town Hall (which was Gilde House)
  11. Which Liverpool sea Captain is said to have spotted the Spanish Armada from his ship ‘Relief’
  12. In what year did the Royal Hunting Park of Toxteth have its park status removed?
  13. Where would you have found ‘Jackson’s Dam’?
  14. Who was famously the 15yr old tutor/master at the Toxteth Ancient Chapel c 1611?
  15. Where would you have found the ‘Fall Well’?
  16. Which Toxteth astronomer discovered the ‘transit of Venus’?
  17. In what year was Prince Rupert’s siege of Liverpool?
  18. Why was Addision St previously called ‘’Sickman’s Lane’?
  19. In which year did Liverpool City Council pass a formal motion apologising for the City’s part in the slave trade?
  20. Where would you find ‘A Case History’ by John King?
  21. What was Whitechapel previously called?
  22. What was the cause of the dispute between Lord Molyneux and the Liverpool Corporation in the late 1660’s?
  23. Liverpool had its first recorded imports of sugar in 1667, what was the name of the ship?
  24. What did the ‘Liverpool Merchant’ trade in 1700?
  25. Who carried out the Leveson St Massacre in 1847?
  26. Which family developed Knowsley Hall in the 1700s?
  27. Who c1705 said of Liverpool: ‘Liverpool has an opulent, flourishing and increasing trade to Virginia and English colonies in America’
  28. In what year was the Parliamentary Act passed to allow the building of Steers Old Dock?
  29. What was on the site of the now Adelphi in the mid 1700s?
  30. Name the famous Liverpool sporting artist born in Liverpool 1724.
  31. Canning Dock is named after whom?
  32. Duncan St was originally called what?
  33. Why was Falkner Square nicknamed ‘Falkners Folly?
  34. What is unique about the source of the naming of Fontenoy St?
  35. What did Andrew Carnegie fund in Liverpool?
  36. Tower Buildings was once used as a what (1737+)?
  37. Who was Williamson Square named after?
  38. Why was the ‘Liverpool Blues Regiment’ raised in 1745?
  39. Clayton Square was named after Sarah Clayton but who were the streets off it named after?
  40. What was the key feature of St Thomas Church, Park Lane?
  41. What is Molly Bushell famous for?
  42. Where and what was Clarke’s Basin?
  43. What is the statue on top of Liverpool Town Hall?
  44. What do the four figures above first floor portico of the Town Hall represent?
  45. St Domingo House, Everton was named after what?
  46. Who was Lydia Ann – Lydia Ann Street?
  47. Where was the Octagon Church – c1763?
  48. What delayed the building of Georges Dock in the 1760s?
  49. In what year did Liverpool become a parish separate from Walton?
  50. Who built the world’s first lighthouses to use parabolic mirrors?
  51. What did George Stubbs release in 1766?
  52. Which four cities is Liverpool twinned with?
  53. On what day of the year was Liverpool’s historical market held?
  54. Liverpool’s first public gardens opened in 1767 – where were they?
  55. Who produced this in 1769 – ‘The New and Accurate Plan of The Town and Port of Liverpool?’
  56. Where was the original Liverpool terminus of the Liverpool-Leeds Canal?
  57. In 1770 Richard and George Holden start publishing what?
  58. What did Edward Rushton establish?
  59. Who was Berry St named after?
  60. Why is Catherine St so named?
  61. What was a feature of the first numbering of houses c 1773?
  62. Dukes Dock was built for whom in 1773?
  63. 1774 – Dr Matthew Dobson, a physician practising in Harrington Street was the first to discover what?
  64. Why did sailors riot in Liverpool in 1775?
  65. How much did Messrs Leyland and Dillon win in the state lottery in 1776?
  66. William Lynn of Waterloo Hotel, Ranelagh St donated which famous cup?
  67. Carnatic Hall (Mossley Hill House) was built by whom and named after what? (2pts)
  68. Mersey Bowmen Society established in 1781 became what?
  69. Where was Liverpool’s first purpose built prison?
  70. What number Rodney St was William Gladstone born in 1809?
  71. Where is the ‘Little Wales’ plague situated?
  72. In which former church were the bodies of monks discovered?
  73. Why was Islington known as ‘Folly Lane’?
  74. Which famous poet was born at 118 Duke St on 25th Sept 1793?
  75. What were the Goree Piazzas named after?
  76. Who wrote ‘The Life of Lorenzo de’ Medici’ in 1796?
  77. Where was the original Athenaeum Club?
  78. Where would you find the earliest surviving bank building in Liverpool, and one of the first purpose-built banks in the country?
  79. Where would you have found Walton Windmill – demolished c1920?
  80. Where was William Hutchinson buried?
  81. Which very large church once stood on Upper Duke St on the site now occupied by a Chinese warehouse?
  82. Who took part in Liverpool’s last duel in 1805? (2pts)
  83. Where was Dr Henry Duncan born? (currently marked by a plague)
  84. Where did ‘The Mole of Edge Hill’ build his house?
  85. What was the name of Liverpool’s last slave ship?
  86. How many times was Liverpool born William Gladstone Prime Minister?
  87. Where did John Foster jnr. famously tour in the years from 1810?
  88. What collapsed in 1810 sadly resulting in the death of 24 children and 3 adults?
  89. Where was the Saracens pub situated?
  90. What was the first grand building erected in the new Victoria St c 1865?
  91. Which two architects are credited with St Luke’s (Bombed Out) Church?
  92. Which paper, started in 1811, merged with the Daily Post in 1904?
  93. Which chapel once stood on the site of Roscoe’s Gardens, Renshaw St?
  94. The only assassination of a British Prime Minister, Spencer Percival, was by a bankrupt Liverpool merchant. What was his name?
  95. In what year was the Nelson Monument in Exchange Flags unveiled?
  96. Which four victories does the Nelson Monument in Exchange Flags commemorate?
  97. St George’s Church, Everton was built 1813-14, the first of three ‘cast-iron’ churches erected by whom?
  98. What was the name of the ‘fields’ Abercromby Square and surrounding streets were built on?
  99. Who instigated and funded the 33 drinking fountains inserted into dock wall c1859?
  100. What now occupies the site of Kirkdale Gaol built 1818?
  101. What was added to the Town Hall in 1820?
  102. What famously disappeared overnight one evening in 1820?
  103. St Patrick’s Park Road/Park Place – was does the commemoration to ’10 priests’ remember?
  104. Where would you today find a statue of Father James Nugent?
  105. Where today would you find the George III monument?
  106. Which best friend of Jane Austin lived in Everton in the 1830s?
  107. Who is buried in the ‘pyramid’ grave at St Andrew’s Church, Rodney St?
  108. Grant Gardens, Everton was once a cemetery called what?
  109. Where was the Bank of England was first opened in 1826?
  110. Who wrote the poem Casabianca (known as The Boy stood on the Burning Deck)
  111. Which church built in Cornwallis St/Kent Street in 1826 had a 201ft steeple?
  112. Pool Lane became which street?
  113. Which famous four legged animal was once said to have stood on the Adelphi balcony in 1954?
  114. Who designed the Oratory?
  115. Which department store was the scene of a fatal fire in 1960 resulting in 11 deaths?
  116. Which church off Vauxhall Rd was nicknamed the ‘Black Church’ in the 19th Century?
  117. What type of spring was discovered in St James Cemetery in by Dr Thomas Houlston in 1773?
  118. John James Audubon is famous for what?
  119. In what way where the Wapping And Crown Street tunnels a world first when built in 1826-29?
  120. Where was The Apothecaries’ Hall – built c1846
  121. Who was appointed the country’s first Medical Officer of Health in 1846?
  122. Which astronomer from West Derby discovered Triton, the largest moon of Neptune in 1846?
  123. In 1847 a statue of William Huskisson was unveiled by Sir Robert Peel outside the Customs House. Where is it now?
  124. What did the Liverpool Water Act of 1847 allow the corporation to do?
  125. Which Liverpool theatre did Charles Dickens performs at on 28th July 1847?
  126. Which famous silent movie star attended St Francis Xaviers School?
  127. Where would you find ‘the six-sided clock’?
  128. Where did John Cripps, shawl merchant and manufacturer, have his shop?
  129. St Edwards College was established in which Everton house?
  130. St Albans Church in Athol St is now a what?
  131. Sarah Biffin, artist, who was buried at St James Cemetery in 1850, had overcome what major hurdle in her life?
  132. James Baines – The Black Ball Line – clippers to Australia, was the inspiration for what 1980s TV series?
  133. The ‘Derby Museum of the Borough of Liverpool’ opened in which building in 1852?
  134. Ye Cracke in Rice St was originally called what?
  135. Why was the widening of the River Weaver and the dredging of the Mersey and Irwell Rivers so important in the early 1700’s?
  136. What notable measures did Mayor Bryan Blundell take in 1721 to improve law & order?
  137. Who funded the original Bluecoat School in 1708?
  138. Which American stayed at Mrs Blodget’s Guest House, at 153 Duke Street in the 1850’s
  139. 18-19 Abercromby Square was built for C.K. Prioleau, a South Carolina businessman. Who also famously lived here later?
  140. What did No. 8 Brougham Terrace become in 1889?
  141. The Bank of Liverpool, founded 1831, eventually merged with which other bank in 1918?
  142. St Martin’s Market became better known by what name?
  143. Kitty Wilkinson was famous for what?
  144. The Royal Northern Hospital which first opened in 1834 became known by what name?
  145. The Judges lodgings moved to Newsham House in 1868 from which street just outside the city centre?
  146. Which street housed the Northend and Southend Abbatoirs in the 1830’s?
  147. Who famously lived at No 3 Gambier Terrace in 1960 – name both!
  148. Who was appointed the first The Liverpool City Police Head Constable in 1836?
  149. West Derby Union Workhouse became which hospital 1871?
  150. Castle Moat House was built for which bank 1838-40?
  151. Who was the architect for the 5th Customs House & Revenue Building?
  152. Where will you find Mornington Terrace?
  153. ‘The Blackie’ is the name for which church – still standing?
  154. Teutonic Hall (St James Hall) became which cinema?
  155. Where was Joseph Williamson buried?
  156. What is the ‘Old Lerpoolian Society’ founded 1894 and still going ?
  157. Who designed Princes Park?
  158. Which school did Edwina Currie attend in Hope St?
  159. What was the key reason for the Liverpool Warehouse Act of 1844?
  160. What was the disaster at Sussex St Toxteth in 1845 in which people sadly died?
  161. Thomas Cook’s first ever trip for profit was to Liverpool in 1845 from which other UK town (now city)?
  162. Who were the original founders of the White Star Shipping Line in 1845?
  163. Who laid the foundation stone for the Sailors Home in 1846?
  164. Who was the architect for the Bank of England in Castle St?
  165. When founded in 1850 the Royal Liver Friendly Society was originally what?
  166. Who became the first Bishop of Liverpool in 1850?
  167. Who designed the world’s first air-conditioning system at St George’s Hall?
  168. Where was the Palatine Club?
  169. Where did a mass snow ball take place in 1854?
  170. Who was the founder of The Liverpool Daily Post in 1855?
  171. The riots inn February 1855 were known as the ‘***** Riots’?
  172. What was formed in 1857 resulting in Liverpool Corporation receiving £1.5million compensation for loss of dues, and £1.143m for loss of …….?
  173. In 1857 two captured guns from which battle were placed outside St Georges and later moved to Wavertree park?
  174. Clarks shoe shop at 25 Church St was what in 1909?
  175. In what year was Liverpool granted its corporate seal?
  176. Which famous explorer lived at 20 Roscommon St for a short time in the late 1850s?
  177. Which Liverpool owned ship sank off Anglesey on 26th Oct 1859 with the loss of over 400 lives?
  178. Robert Cain was once the landlord of Transatlantic Hotel. What is this pub called now?
  179. Which shipping line was responbsible for the influx of Liverpool’s first Chinese immigrants?
  180. The Prince of Wales Theatre – Clayton Square, once the residence of Mrs Clayton, became which cinema?
  181. Who famously once enrolled for a day as a Special Constable at Argyle St Bridewell?
  182. Where did Jean Francois Blondin, world famous tightrope walker, perform in 1861?
  183. John Hulley was famous for what?
  184. Brocklebank Dock, opened 1862, was named after whom?
  185. Sefton Park Cricket Club, founded 1862, had its first ground where?
  186. Where would you find one of the ‘Liverpool Special’ post-boxes cast in 1863?
  187. Who was Liverpool’s first Jewish Mayor (1863)?
  188. Where was Dr. Sebastian Z. De Ferranti born (1864)?
  189. Where would you find the remains of the Liverpool & Wigan Boatman’s Mission?
  190. Who famously held a Confederate Bizarre at St Georges Hall in 1864?
  191. Which is the oldest repertory theatre in UK?
  192. What did McGough, Henri, Patten publish in 1968?
  193. The final act of the American Civil War took place in Liverpool on 6th Feb 1865, what was it?
  194. What was the original name of The Empire Theatre?
  195. Who produced the original draft design for Newsham Park?
  196. Where was the Della Robbia fountain located?
  197. Where was the original Owen Owen store opened?
  198. Who paid his final visits to Liverpool including dinner at St Georges Hall on 10th April 1869?
  199. St Martin’s Cottages, built 1869, where Europe’s first what?
  200. Where on 24th Jan 1870 where 15 people crushed to death after ‘a shout of fire’?
  201. Where and what was Ramsbottom Chimney?
  202. Streatlam Tower, Princes Ave. was designed by W&G Audsley for whom?
  203. Where was the Royal Southern Hospital located?
  204. 24th Dec 1873 – The Vice-Consul of which country was killed crossing the rail line at Broad Green Station?
  205. What was the function of Newsham Park Windmill erected c1874?
  206. Which notorious gang committed the ‘Tithebarn Outrage’ in 1874?
  207. The Liverpool Seaman’s Orphan Institution opened in Newsham Park in 1874, but were had it been temporarily housed previously?
  208. Fanny Louisa Calder is known for starting what in late 19th Century?
  209. The Liverpool British Workman Public House Company became which temperance ‘cafes’?
  210. The Zultan of ‘where’ visits Seaman’s Orphanage Newsham Park, 8th July 1875?
  211. What was known as ‘The Bootle Bull’ at Gladstone Dock late 19th Century?
  212. Where would you find the ‘Spirit of Liverpool’ sculpture by John Warrington Wood?
  213.  Where was the short-lived second Sailors Home which opened in 1878?
  214. Who funded the St Nicks gardens opened 1892?
  215. Where will you find Petony’s Building?
  216. Who is ‘The Steble Fountain’ named after?
  217. Where would you find St Luke’s Art Workshop, built 1880?
  218. Where would you find the former ‘Bradford Hotel’?
  219. Where was the famous Flemming’s Jeans shop?
  220. There Sir Thomas Hotel was originally what?
  221. The Municipal Buildings Annexe on Dale St was built as what in 1882-83?
  222. Which Liverpool hospital had Europe’s first horse-drawn ambulance service?
  223. Ashcroft Building in Victoria St used to house the workshops for manufacturing what?
  224. Which pilot boat sank off Formby Point on 29th Nov 1883 with the sad loss of 13 men?
  225. Where will you find Crown, Jerome, Carlisle and, Abbey Buildings?
  226. The Picton Clock Tower was presented to the people of Wavertree by architect Sir James Picton in 1884, as a memorial to whom?
  227. Lucy Craddock was the first woman to do what in 1884?
  228. Sisters Margaret Higgins and Catherine Flanagan were hanged at Kirkdale Gaol in 1884 for what?
  229. The company who recruited the Titanic band had offices on 3rd floor of No. 14 on which street?
  230. Church House – corner of Paradise/Hanover St – was built as what in 1885?
  231. The SS Great Eastern was used by Lewis’s Dept for what in 1885?
  232. What year was Everton Library opened?
  233. What included 3 tunnels, 2 tracks, 38 million bricks when opened in 1886?
  234. What year was the International Shipperies Exhibition held, and where? (2pts)
  235. Where will you find a Sicilian marble statue of William Rathbone by John Henry Foley and Thomas Brock?
  236. Where was John Bagot’s Hospital?
  237. Who was appointed the Honorary Japanese Consul at Liverpool, the first such appointment in the UK, in 1888?
  238. Kirkland’s Bakery is now which pub?
  239. The heads of which two royals can be found on the front of the former Exchange station?
  240. The Sheltering Home for Destitute Children on Myrtle St was involved in the emigration of large numbers of ‘in need’ children to which country?
  241. Who was famously consulted on the design of Liverpool Royal Infirmary – Pembroke Place 1887-89?
  242. Where did Lizzie Christian sell flowers outside on a Sunday?
  243. Where would you find a mast from The SS Great Eastern?
  244. Which American cowboy appeared at Newsham Park in 1891?
  245. Which building on Castle St has bronze doors by Thomas Sterling Lee?
  246. Where would you have found the ‘Dandy’ Pat Byrne drinking fountain?
  247. Which year was The Liverpool Overhead Railway formally opened?
  248. Which association was founded by Lee Jones in 1893?
  249. Who funded ‘The Mystery’?
  250. What previously stood on the site of the Liverpool and London Globe Insurance Building, No. 1 Dale Street?
  251. Where was the 21ton Horsfall Gun built?
  252. What first did Liverpool Football (Rugby) Club achieve when formed in 1857
  253. Which old coaching inn was previously on the site of the Municipal Buildings Dale St?
  254. Where was the Crooked Billet Restaurant?
  255. Which building from 1874 still stands in Steble Street?
  256. The Calderstones estate was bought by which shipping magnate in 1875?
  257. Where was Three Legs of Man Pub?
  258. Who plotted to blow up the Town Hall in 1881?
  259. The ‘Fruit Exchange Buildings’ – 10/18 Victoria St – were originally built as what in 1888?
  260. Which lovely Toxteth building, still standing, was funded by Sir Bernard Hall in 1889?
  261. Where is the ‘Kansas Building’?
  262. Who paid for the building of The Sefton Palm House in 1896?
  263. Where was the ‘Victoria Settlement’ community centre?
  264. Which organisation occupied 14 Sir Thomas St?
  265. Who founded the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine?
  266. What ways 20 ton and was discovered in Crosby in 1898?
  267. Designed by A.G. Lyster and built 1899-00 with one of earliest examples of Hennebique reinforced concrete. What was it?
  268. Bessie Braddock was born in which Everton street?
  269. The Bevington Bush Hotel was also known by what name?
  270. Where would you find the ‘King’s Pipe’?
  271. Who gifted the city a number of libraries including Toxteth Branch Library?
  272. Who had a number of prestige car outlets around Bold St/Renshaw St in the early 1900s?
  273. Which famous piece of music was dedicated by the composer to the Liverpool Orchestral Society and had its premiere in the city in October 1901?
  274. Which building comprises of 27 million bricks?
  275. Who received the Nobel prize for identifying malaria was carried by mosquitoes in 1902?
  276. Who was the engineer for Liverpool’s first ring road?
  277. Highfield Infirmary/Sanatorium later became which hospital?
  278. Where was Marks & Spencer’s first Liverpool shop in 1903?
  279. Which building in Dale St was originally symmetrical until part demolished c1962?
  280. Who reportedly talked about the ‘managed decline’ of Liverpool in 1981?
  281. Where was Victorian legend Spring-heeled Jack reportedly seen in 1904?
  282. Which famous escape artist appeared at The Empire in 1904?
  283. What major celebration took place in Liverpool in 1907?
  284. In which building would you find a frieze containing Psalm 107: “They that go down to the sea in ships that do business in great waters these see the works of the Lord and his wonders of the deep’
  285. Which building was demolished on Myrtle St in 1998-99 for the Liverpool Community College Art Centre?
  286. Which famous Liverpool brothers represented GB at the 1908 Olympic games 400m heats?
  287. Which famous Liverpool department store opened in 1908 and is now a Wetherspoons pub?
  288. A UK first opened at 25 Church St in 1909, what was it?
  289. Where would you find a obelisk to Samuel Smith?
  290. Who was the first woman to be elected to Liverpool City Council in 1909?
  291. Born 22nd March 1910 at 11 Rodney St, author of The Cruel Sea, who was he?
  292. Who was the first Catholic Archbishop of Liverpool in 1911?
  293. Which world famous building was opened by Opened by Lord E. Lyulph Stanley of Alderley?
  294. Which author died at Liverpool Royal Infirmary on 3rd Feb 1911?
  295. Who made the first non-stop flight from Liverpool to Manchester on 7th July 1911?
  296. Where now would you find the Memorial to the officers and men of The 8th, The King’s, Liverpool Regiment of Foot, who lost their lives between 1857-58 suppressing the Great Sepoy Mutiny?
  297. In what context were 2 men shot dead on Vauxhall Rd on Tues 15th Aug 1911?
  298. Where were 39 men killed in an explosion on 24th Nov 1911?
  299. Where was Liverpool’s first boxing stadium opened 1911?
  300. Which year was Radio City launched?
  301. Which was the first purpose built cinema in the city centre?
  302. Which dock was opened by opened by King George V and Queen Mary on 19th July 1927?
  303. Which Liverpool born man complied the world’s first crossword puzzle which appeared in the ‘New York World’ in 1913?
  304. Where will you find the Florence Nightingale Memorial sculptured by Charles John Allen?
  305. Which builder built Bootle’s Klondyke Estate?
  306. Where will you find the Memorial to Sir Alfred Lewis Jones, unveiled 1913?
  307. The SS Hare sailed to Dublin from Liverpool on 27th Sept 1913 carrying what?
  308. Which suffragette placed a bomb at the Liverpool Cotton Exchange on 5th July 1913 (it did not detonate1)?
  309. For what event was Edge Lane Hall demolished in 1913?
  310. Who initiated The Liverpool PALS in 1914?
  311. Annie Garvey was known as what?
  312. The sinking of which ship on 7th May 1915 by German torpedo off Ireland, resulting in 1200 dead, lad to riots in Liverpool?
  313. In what order were the Three Graces built?
  314. Which two Liverpool ferries took part in Zeebrugge landings?
  315. Which equestrian statue stands at the Pier Head?
  316. Which department store bought the land on which St Peters Church stood?
  317. Which power-station was the first to have natural draught hyperbolic-curved reinforced concrete cooling towers – 1924?
  318. In what year was the Anglican Cathedral consecrated by Archbishop of Canterbury in presence of King George V?
  319. Which family were the benefactors of the single, massive tower of the Anglican Cathedral? It is named after them.
  320. In what year was the foundation stone of the Anglican Cathedral laid?
  321. Which two men started Vernon Pools?
  322. Which famous sculptor had his studios at Bluecoat Chambers?
  323. Which tenements were known as ‘The Billogs’?
  324. Where was John Lennon born?
  325. Who was Liverpool’s and Britain’s first female Lord Mayor?
  326. Where did the 1927 inaugural City Marathon finish?
  327. Which two theatres/music venues had major fires in 1933?
  328. Which big three openings did King George V perform in Liverpool on 18th July 1934?
  329. Where will you fine the Simpson Drinking Fountain?
  330. Where was Champion Whates Lodging House?
  331. Who was the Liverpool born writer for Ken Dodd and Morecambe & Wise?
  332. Which street was lost (runs through centre) for the building of India Buildings 1930?
  333. The Palace Ice Rink, Prescot Rd built 1931 became what?
  334. In what sport did England play v USA at Wavertree Playground in 1938?
  335. What was the name of the Mersey Pilot boat which ran aground at Ainsdale on 26th November 1939 with the loss of 23 men?
  336. James Dunwoody Bulloch arrives in Liverpool in June 1861 with orders for 6 what?
  337. What was held in Liverpool on 14th June 1862 at the Mount Vernon Parade Ground with 10,000 spectators?
  338. Where was Ringo Starr (Starkie) born?
  339. Where will you find the Horton and Walker Buildings, named after WWII heroes?
  340. Which ship that sailed from Liverpool on 1st July 1940 was torpedoed with the loss of 805 lives?
  341. Where was the 1940 bombing in Liverpool that Winston Churchill described as “The single worst civilian incident of the war”?
  342. Where was the Liverpool WWII Free French Navy Camp?
  343. Which ship that left Liverpool on 3rd Feb 1941 sank and led to film ‘Whiskey Galore’?
  344. Which building previously stood on the car park behind Municipal Buildings, Victoria St?
  345. Where in Liverpool was Gerry Marsden born?
  346. Who was Liverpool’s first catholic Mayor, 1943?
  347. Sir Jacob Epstein has a famous sculpture in Liverpool – what and where?
  348. What was the spill from the construction of the Queensway Tunnel used for?
  349. The world’s first helicopter passenger service took off from Liverpool in 1950 to where?
  350. Which Alfred Stevens sculpture was removed from St George’s Hall in 1950?
  351. Which pilot ship is exhibited in one of the Canning Graving Docks?
  352. Who was the first Liverpool born woman to top the pop charts (1953)?
  353. What year did Liverpool get its first Labour controlled council?
  354. Where was the original Mardi Gras Club when opened in 1957?
  355. The 22-year old Judi Dench made her professional stage debut at which Liverpool theatre in September 1957?
  356. ‘The Violent Playground’ filmed in Liverpool in 1957 and starring- David McCallum, Stanley Baxter, Peter Cushing featured which tenement blocks?
  357. Where was Bunny’s Store?
  358. How did Julia Lennon die?
  359. Which building started in 1933, completed in 1958 used 6,000,000 bricks?
  360. Why is the Casbah Coffee Club famous?
  361. ‘The Dissenters’ met in which pub in 1960?
  362. ‘The Searches’ had a No. 1 single in 1960 with which song?
  363. Which department store was the scene of a fatal fire in 1960 resulting in 11 deaths?
  364. What year was ‘Boys from the Black Stuff’ first on TV?
  365. Where is Giles Gilbert Scott’s grave?
  366. What were removed from the Princes Road Synagogue in 1961?
  367. Who launched ‘The Mersey Beat’ magazine in 1961?
  368. Where did John Lennon marry Cynthia Powell?
  369. Which three tenement blocks were known as ‘The Piggeries’?
  370. Who was the architect for the Roman Catholic Cathedral?
  371. What climbed Concourse House?
  372. Why did students occupy Senate House in March 1970?
  373. The TV drama ‘The Onedin Line’ was based on which Liverpool sea captain?
  374. Which film theatre (often mucky films!) closed in Clayton Sq in 1971 and was converted into the Blessed Sacrament Church?
  375. The Echo/Daily Post moved to Old Hall St in 1973 from where?
  376. Where were Mass Graves discovered (3,561) in 1973?
  377. Where was ‘Tatlin Tower’ – Podium designed by Arthur Dooley, erected in 1973?
  378. Who was the sculptor of the Beatle Statue – ‘Four Lads Who Shook the World’ in Mathew St?
  379. Which Liverpool boxer won the WBC Light Heavyweight Crown in 1974?
  380. The Real Thing had a No.1 with which song in 1976?
  381. Who won what for the third time in 1977?
  382. What year was the Anglican Cathedral finally completed?
  383. The last of which historical Liverpool family line passed away in 1980?
  384. Can you name the first three ships to enter Steers dock in 1715?
  385. What was Liverpool’s first newspaper (c1715) called?
  386. When did Tate & Lyle close?
  387. Which year did Pope John Paul II attend services at the Catholic and Anglican Cathedrals?
  388. What would you find inside the Eleanor Rigby Statue (donated by Tommy Steele) on Stanley St?
  389. Where was The Lybro Factory?
  390. Why was the original Cavern Club demolished in 1973?
  391. Robert Wycherley died on 28th January 1983 – what name was he known by?
  392. What event attracted 3.4 million visitors in 1984?
  393. Which Liverpool band was the second band to get to No.1 with their first 3 singles?
  394. On what date was Liverpool’s ‘King John’ Charter signed?
  395. Who was the witness for the ‘King John’ Charter?
  396. Which year did the ‘Tall Ships’ first visit Liverpool?
  397. Where were one million daffodil bulbs planted in 1991?
  398. In which year was the Grand National run on the Monday due to a bomb threat?
  399. Who had a salt refinery close to The Strand c1697?
  400. In 1914 who organised the ‘Town Hall Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Families Organisation’ to support wives and dependants of soldiers?
  401. Where was Liverpool’s first recorded ‘Poor House’
  402. Which famous Liverpool family rebuild Croxteth Hall in 1575?
  403. What started flowing to Liverpool in 1892?
  404. Who was the first Doctor on Rodney St c1790?
  405. Where did famous watchmaker and inventor Peter Litherland have a shop (marked by a plaque)?
  406. James Maury was first in world what?
  407. Where did the Quaker Meeting House and cemetery in Hunter Street move from in 1791?
  408. In 1793 Liverpool becomes the first and only municipality with the right to issue what?
  409. What was the name of the famous Liverpool pavement artist born in Addison St in 1847?
  410. Where would you find the 1861 Conacher Pipe Organ which is the oldest instrument of its kind still in existence?
  411. Which Liverpool body has three Liver Birds on its crest?
  412. Where in Liverpool would you have found a statue of Flora  MacDonald by Benjamin E Spence?
  413. Where would you find the following inscription?

Christian reader view in me,

An emblem of true charity,

Who freely what I have bestow,

Though neither heard nor seen to flow,

And I have full returns from Heaven,

For every cup of water given.

414. Why are Gilead, Solomon, and Balm Roads in Kensington so named?

415. By what name is The Charles Garrett Memorial Hall better known as?

416. Where in Liverpool would you have found Tracey Emin’s ‘Roman Standard’ artwork?

417. Name the captain and sole survivor of the sinking of RMS Lusitania on 7th May 1915

418. What was the number of Liverpool’s ‘last tram’ in 1957?

419. What was given the title ‘Solemn Entrance in Time of War’ in 1941?

420. What was the 1949 film ‘Whiskey Galore’ based upon?

421. In which city centre pub would you find the ‘First Class smoking room panelling’ from MV Reina Del Pacifico?




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  1. tonylynch says:

    brilliant! just what I was looking for I will spend some time researching the answers

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