Wolstenholme Square

10 – Wolstenholme Square

Laid out c1750 as a tree lined square and Ladies walk on land owned by the Wolstenholme family. The square has a fascinating history being built up since c1756, and having gone through many phases as Liverpool developed it is soon to see some re-development once again.


The Ways and Byeways of Liverpool – M. O’Mahoney (1931)

How amazing it would have been to see it as above and before the warehouses took over…..

Rhymes of Old Liverpool - E.B. saxton (1948)

Rhymes of Old Liverpool – E.B. saxton (1948)

One the many fascinating people listed as residents over the years was Benedict Paul Wagner of Austrian heritage  there in the 1770’s and who was described on his death in 1806 as the ‘first foreign merchant that had settled in Liverpool’. He was also the maternal grandfather of Felicia Hemans

Here is a gallery put together in conjunction with Dave Cornett, Snow Architects (@snowarchitects) of pictures from Liverpool Records Office, Central Library Archives. (Click on any pic to see slide-show and larger versions)

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