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A History of St. Andrew’s Scottish Presbyterian Church Rodney St., Liverpool – Ebook

On the south perimeter wall, facing Maryland St, the modern graffiti poetically declares; ‘Happiness is a journey not a destination’ I don’t know the motivation of the writer but the phrase does somehow feel appropriate to the church it ‘adorns’. … Continue reading

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A History of St. Paul’s Church and Square, with Contemporary Cuttings

As I walk around Liverpool, which I do on an almost daily basis, the one question above all others I hear myself saying is along the lines of ‘What was there before?’. Sometimes the answer is easy and is within … Continue reading

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St Thomas’s, Park Lane, Liverpool

St Thomas’s Church, Park Lane, Liverpool 1750 – 1905 Despite being built in 1750, closed in 1905 and demolished in 1911, the Church of St Thomas is still closer to us than many people realise. Equally so are the legacies … Continue reading

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Quentin Hughes – Was he right, is his prediction becoming true?

Quentin Hughes – Was he right, is his prediction becoming true? The immensely talented and forwarding thinking Liverpudlian Quentin Hughes in May 1967 suggested in a national newspaper that Liverpool’s future would lie in cultural tourism. The same year he … Continue reading

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Jewel on the Hill

The Jewel on the Hill project involves the restoration of the former Everton Library in St Domingo Road, Liverpool, and its sensitive conversion into an international creation centre, working with the local community and beyond. Great to see this gem being … Continue reading

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