Old Liverpool Maps

1934mapdavewoodIf like me you love old maps of Liverpool then there are a few links below you may find interesting. Sadly some may no longer work as web sites change are deleted etc.

The maps will open in new windows:

Other useful maps can be found at the following links:

Another couple of fascinating maps are to be found in this document: ‘Liverpool in the Reign of Queen Anne, 1705 and 1708’link

The first is of 1705 showing the street plan and outline of the intended dock:

The second, produced later, shows a ‘Plan of the Site of the Ancient Pool of Liverpool as disposed of under Leases from the Corporation between the years 1672 and 1730’


If you are interested in buying maps of old Liverpool I can definitely recommend Alan Godfrey Maps on-line where you will find a great selection:

A selection of maps available at Alan Godfrey

Liverpool – 1650


The density of Kirkdale and Everton c1960