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If like me you love old maps of Liverpool then there are lots of links below you may find interesting, be aware though you may be absorbed for a few hours…..keep going to the end of the page, and enjoy!

Sadly some may no longer work as web sites change/are deleted etc. Most of the maps are zoom-able for greater detail. Click for links. Updated regularly, so come back soon!

The maps will open in new windows:……keeping going until the end of the page! (If you want to download as a PDF you can do so here)

Various Maps 1664 to 1962

1819 – John Gore

The above Insurance Maps now available via the excellent British Library tool – just zoom right in on Liverpool and click on location markers for very detailed maps. Also available with an overlay facility, and easier to use, via http://britishlibrary.georeferencer.com/compare#

Or at OldMapsOnLine

  • Old-maps.co.uk subscription required for full service, but you can still view the following for some great detail (you may have to zoom in/out) Sadly these have now been removed

Thanks for many of the above to the excellent Old Maps of Liverpool via Historic Liverpool – well worth a visit

Maps of Liverpool and its Environs: The County Series maps at scale 1:2500 for Liverpool and its environs, including Bootle, Wallasey, and Birkenhead 1874-1893British History Online

Liverpool and Beyond: Superb individual large scale maps

Surveyed: 1890, Published: 1891
(click on a box, then see maps right) – LINK


The detail in these includes building names/uses

ORDNANCE SURVEY 25-inch Zoomable Maps – great details in these from National Library Scotland – various dates.

Now this is a fantastic facility, hosted by National Library of Scotland, which allows you to overlay historic maps with a modern map. Takes a little getting used to but very useful: I find the OS 25 Inch, 1892-1914 map to be the most useful: Link 

Overlay the old map on the current

Another great overlay tool, this one from British Library:

Are you interested in local history and old maps? Would you like to explore historic places across the globe? If so, you can help. You can quickly create an overlay of historic maps on current mapping and compare the past with the present.


Instructions on how to use

Another fantastic series of maps covering both Liverpool and the Wirral over the period 1950 – 1968, and again from the invaluable National Library of Scotland.  

1942 – Seven fascinating reconnaissance Nazi German Supreme Command maps showing bombing targets in the city: hover over pic for title, click number for link:


  • 1950’s – Modern Day: Searchable Overlay map

Another great piece of work from Historic-Liverpool which allows you to search for old Liverpool streets by name and see them overlaid onto a modern map – really useful if a street has since disappeared – LINK

  • A couple of intriguing maps are to be found in this document: ‘Liverpool in the Reign of Queen Anne, 1705 and 1708’link

…….so hard to imagine the ‘pool’ running up Paradise St and Liverpool One today!

The first is of 1705 showing the street plan and outline of the intended dock:

The second, produced later, shows a ‘Plan of the Site of the Ancient Pool of Liverpool as disposed of under Leases from the Corporation between the years 1672 and 1730’

  • 1650

1650 – click

  • 1725 – a plan showing the Townfield of Liverpool about 1725

1725 – click

  • 1770 – “The South-East Prospect of LEVERPOOL, taken from Seacombe Boat-house”

These are fantastic images which you can zoom into for great detail

1770 by George Perry

1770 – “A VIEW of the TOWN and HARBOUR of LEVERPOOL”Link

1770 – by George Perry

  • 1824 – William Swire’s  Plan of Liverpool (click map for zoomable version)

  • 1847 – Ackermann’s Panoramic view of Liverpool

Another great zoom-able resource via Historic Liverpool that gives a whole new perspective! – LINK 

  • 1854 – Map of the borough of Liverpool: with Parliamentary boundaries, ecclesiastical divisions and a part of the Cheshire coast – LINK 

1854 – click above LINK for zoomable version

  • Liverpool, 1859, part of Birkenhead, the docks, and Cheshire coast – LINK

Click LINK above to zoom in for great detail

  • Bird’s-eye view of Liverpool as seen from a balloon 1885 / drawn by H.W. Brewer and W. Wylie – LINK 

If you struggle to spot what is what see the key below the pic:

Click LINK above to zoom into detail

Key to the above

  • If you are interested in buying maps of old Liverpool I can definitely recommend Alan Godfrey Maps on-line where you will find a great selection:

A selection of maps available at Alan Godfrey

Liverpool – 1650 Click to zoom into detail

1796 – zoom in for detail



1866 – Cholera hit areas

1928 (click pics to enlarge)

Central Liverpool 1939

The density of Kirkdale and Everton c1960

Liverpool & Merseyside Industrial Map – 1948

  • ‘Maps and Plans of Liverpool and District by the Eyes family of Surveyors’

An interesting read this one: https://www.hslc.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/62-7-Stewart-Brown.pdf

  • Maps and related resources – Liverpool through the centuries

Another excellent resource for maps and more put together by @vrsimility – LINK